Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ARK Seekers!

I thought it would be great to list the different members of my guild on my blog! So I'm gonna do it, and no one can tell me different <_<''. It's also basically to help me keep track of everyone and their jobs! I still have to come up with ranks so bear with me.

I will List them in order of: People I actually talk to in the guild, people who actually have jobs, and then like. People I kind of know things about will get little mentions. Also I can only currently list people above level 10, because maintenance is up, and WoW Armory on my iTouch's app will only list people above lv 10. Sorry guys of lower lvs D:

Guild Master: Rzyn, that's me! Currently Lv 30 Holy Priest. Pretty much the only priest in the guild! Oh jeez I have a lot of people to heal o_o

Agent (lol): Zelinda (Zel): lv 31 Draenei Tankiden and one of the best Tanks I know :D Founding Member of the Guild!

Agent: Tensir: lv 26 Gnome Mage, Best Mage Tank Ever (lololol) And the best Auction House User I know. This guy is the best at finding money for our guild, and one of the coolest guys on WoW that I know

Veteran: Talinna (Tali for short): Is also a founding member of the guild! Zel and I found her and Noteangela, on the Dungeon Finder, where we find most of our members, and we all started the guild! She is a lv 17 Night Elf Hunter! She finally got her wolf I'm so happy ^_^ But she's definitely fun to have around, and a pretty good hunter as well!

Veteran: Noteangela: lv 10 rogue Night Elf, You can level up Note! We know you can >_
Kimmell/Randicimo: I'm not sure which character he is going to use as his main. But he's definitely a lot of fun to play with in WoW and also knows some of his Auction House stuff. Rand is a lv 16 Warrior Night elf.

WE HAVE SO MANY MEMBERS D: GAH. Well. I'll definitely be sure to mention everyone else as time goes by, and more stuff happens during Rzyn's Adventures~

See you guys later

~Please WoW people stop the maintenance, Rzyn's got things to doooo~

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