Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And it has begun...

Greetings All!

I have decided to begin a blog about my experience on the wonderful MMORPG known as World of Warcraft, which I will be continually referencing as WoW from this point on. Mostly because I'm an EPIC lazy ass~

Thanks to my friend, who in my server is named Foal, I have begun on the epic journey that is WoW. And I can't thank her enough for helping me get started.

My Main Character is a Draenei, that's a spacegoat, Priest. A Holy Priest to be exact, and his name is Rzyn. I'm currently at level 30, and enjoying every minute of it. I have also started a Guild, known as ARK Seekers. ARK stands for Acts of Random Kindness. Yes, I stole that from Evan Almighty. Bwahaha.

ARK Seekers is all about helping out low level characters, new people to WoW, or just about anyone that needs help from any other type of character, even finding items that are hard to get! We're all about helping anyone really! But we've only just gotten started, and we're still trying to raise gold for a Guild Tab! It costs 100G! So it's probably going to take a while!

I've also met some really amazing people on WoW! The first person I met was a Draenei Paladin, and the best tank I've ever met, named Zelinda. Zel, for short, has saved my spacegoat butt on MANY occasions. Thanks to Zel I've been able to get my guild started and make all kinds of great Allies and Friends. Another person worthy of note would be Tensir, he is a Gnome Mage, and one of the strongest Mages I know. But his real talent IS MAKING MY GUILD A FFFFTON of Money. This dude knows the Auction House ins and outs. And I'm still learning. He's been really helpful in explaining everything that I don't already know. And I can't thank him enough for it!

So that's some stuff about me, I'll be sure (or at least try) To update everything that goes on in WoW from this point on! It would be far to hard to explain everything that has happened already in the first week of me playing, but I hope you'll all begin to get the idea.

Also: I'm from the Maiev server. And there... are so many Horde Characters there it is Freakin' ridiculous. They attack our towns all the time so be careful. And Yes. It's a PvP Server so beware~

~Rzyn the Spacegoat Priest

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